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Revolutionizing Multi-Family Property Management

In light of the recent upswing in building renovations, the real estate landscape is significantly transforming. According to the American Institute of Architects, over 50% of recent construction billings originate from refurbishing existing structures. This trend places substantial demands on multi-family property managers who strive to boost rental income while minimizing vacancy rates.

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Unlocking Tenant Appeal with Modern Wireless Intercom Systems

An effective approach to enhancing tenant appeal lies in adopting modern wireless intercom systems. However, the upfront costs associated with such solutions often prove challenging for managers and investors.

Your Smart Intercom Solution

Aura12 offers affordability, rapid installation with minimal wiring, and delivers an immediate return on investment for installers, typically exceeding $1 per tenant every month.


For a detailed feature showcase of the Aura12, view our Demo Video below!

Smart Intercom System Icons
Smart Intercom System Icons

Are You Eligible?

ZKTeco USA is currently selecting a limited number of installers in each state to support the implementation of Aura12.


We're looking for partners who meet the following criteria:


- Your primary focus is building or renovating multi-family properties or apartment buildings.

- You possess experience in installing and maintaining intercom systems.

Seize Your Opportunity!

By partnering with ZKTeco USA, you can tap into the potential of Aura12, not only enhancing tenant satisfaction but also boosting your revenue streams in a rapidly evolving real estate market.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your multi-family properties. Contact us today to explore the benefits of Aura12 and secure your place in the future of property management. Together, we're redefining the standards of tenant satisfaction and property profitability.

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