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Healthcare Institutions

Establish a high level of safety for healthcare facilities that require identity checks for employees, patients & visitors. ZKTeco USA makes it easy!  

Quick Touchless Door Access

Faculty often have their hands full (pushing wheelchairs & gurneys, carrying trays, rushing around while on the phone, etc.) while they need fast unencumbered door access.  Especially during medical emergencies, there is no time to waste looking for metal keys or access cards. Instead, ZKTeco recommends the use of hands-free face recognition readers installed at each door.  SpeedFace is fast-matching, highly accurate and designed for both indoor & outdoor use.  It can store & match up to 50,000 faces. Within a second of recognizing a faculty member’s face, doors will immediately unlock.  Another hands-free option is ZKTeco medium-range (~2-feet) RFID readers.  Faculty can always simply carry on their person an RFID card or fob programmed for each door the faculty member has approved access rights.  Doors will automatically open every time the RFID reader recognizes the authorized card/fob. 

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers
ZKTeco USA Long-range Access Control Readers

Controlled Parking Lot Access

Security begins in the parking lot.  ZKTeco recommends either outdoor-rated face recognition readers or long-range UHF readers to control gate operators securing the parking lot.  This ensures VIP employees & visitors are assured of an available parking space for their vehicle. 

Quick Visitor Identity + Health Checks

For faculty and patients’ visitors entering the healthcare facility, ZKTeco recommends improving security & visitor satisfaction by investing in an automated visitor management system with optional body temperature & mask compliance verification.  ZKVAMS is a Visitor Authentication and Management System which streamlines the process of screening visitors.  ZKVAMS allows healthcare faculty to easily create guest invitations from the convenience of the faculty member’s phone.  The guest’s phone will receive a personal QR code sent via text message or e-mail by the faculty member.  Upon arrival, the guest displays their personal QR code to either the front desk personnel or an unmanned ZKTeco kiosk.  Model FK1013+ can complement or eliminate the need for front-desk personnel because it prints out a valid “admission ticket” which can be displayed to personnel security throughout the facility.

ZKTeco USA kiosk Security systems for healthcare picture
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