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Houses of Worship

Safety is a top priority for places of worship, and ZKTeco USA helps make that happen with our comprehensive line of security solutions.  

Safety For All

Religious leaders & followers all want to feel safe & secure while also having fast & convenient access to their house of worship.  Sadly today, too often there’s headline news about places of worship being targeted by active shooters or looters.  

ZKTeco USA Security systems for church picture
ZKTeco USA metal detectors for church picture

Deter + Identify Concealed Objects

ZKTeco recommends installing walkthrough metal detectors which not only prevent concealed weapons from entering the building, but they also serve as an excellent deterrent for anyone even thinking about targeting doing harm to anyone inside.  ZKTeco metal detectors are both fix-mounted and portable.  Model WMD-318+ scans for both concealed metal objects and elevated body temperature to help ensure those inside the building aren’t exposed to anyone who poses a health or safety risk.  Model PD-300 has wheels, folds up/down in less than 5 minutes, is lightweight, and portable since it easily fits into the backseat of most passenger vehicles.  With its 4-hour battery, PD-300 is ideal for outdoor religious events or places of worship who simply wish to quickly & easily remove the metal detectors immediately after the start of the ceremony. 

Controlled Access + Occupancy

Some houses of worship are so popular they need to issue admission tickets due to limited seating capacity.  They may also issue admission tickets to children and their parents if the children are check-in for special programs and will need to be picked up by the parent upon conclusion of the program.  The admission ticket is used to match the child with their parent (or legal guardian).  But how do security personnel know who the child’s legal guardian actually is?  How do security personnel know if the parent has legal custodial rights?  How do they know the admission ticket wasn’t falsified by the visitor?  And how do administrators know security personnel are diligently ensuring every admission ticket is checked and that they’re not taking shortcuts or doing favors?

ZKTeco USA kiosk Security systems for church picture

Visitor Entry + Health Check 

To address all these concerns, ZKTeco recommends investing in an automated visitor management system with optional body temperature & mask compliance verification.  ZKVAMS is a Visitor Authentication and Management System which streamlines the process of screening visitors.  ZKVAMS allows security personnel to easily create guest invitations from the convenience of their phone sent out to large groups of people.  The guests’ (religious followers) phone will receive a personal QR code sent via text message or e-mail by security personnel.  Upon arriving to the house of worship, the guest simply displays their personal QR code to an unmanned ZKTeco kiosk.  Model FK1013+ can complement or eliminate the need for security personnel because it prints out a valid “admission ticket” which can be displayed to personnel security throughout the facility to allow admission to the religious service and optionally permit the visitor to take their child home after service or special programs offered by the house of worship. 

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