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Security Solutions for Smooth Sailing: Cruise with Confidence

When vacationers step on board a cruise ship, they’re psyched for a nice, relaxing, stress-free change of scenery complete with salt air, fine food, umbrella drinks and entertainment. Safety and security should be the last thing on their minds. To provide the ultimate guest experience, the cruise industry in general, and security personnel is tasked with making those key concerns seamless to their passengers. Biometric and analytical solutions are helping them do just that.

Enrolling passengers’ using biometrics such as facial recognition or fingerprint attributes can streamline and better secure so many processes throughout the voyage, starting right from the time they embark – quickly, conveniently, and securely!

By leveraging these innovative technologies, guests and authorized staff can enter their cabins without having to carry their keys or access card wherever they go while on board. Their door will simply open using facial recognition capabilities. Only their individual biometric attributes will open the door, safeguarding their valuables and preventing anyone else from entering. No more worrying about a lost or stolen key or card. Biometric and analytical security measures also ensure that sensitive areas of the ship that should only be accessed by authorized personnel are off-limits to anyone else.

Because many cruise ship lines make frequent stops at popular ports of call, they’re often targeted by on-shore criminals hoping to slip in unnoticed during these excursion times. Not going to happen using these highly secure solutions!

In addition, many cruise ships are now deploying video analytics to trigger an alarm in the event a passenger falls from a deck. Smart cameras positioned around the outside of the ship can be programmed with special technologies to pinpoint if a person has, in fact, gone overboard. The alarm notifies cruise ship authorities immediately so a rescue can be put in motion quickly and efficiently.

More than ever before, we live in a world where safety and security weigh heavy on travelers’ minds. Cruise lines that lead the way in implementing these innovative security technologies provide priceless peace of mind to their guests. The ROI is not only a safer, more secure ship but happy customers likely to book another cruise with them!

ZKTeco offers a wide range of products ideally suited to your cruise line customers. These include our Cruise Ship Entrance Control & Inspection Solutions spanning ProBio-ID / InPulse+ as well as X-Ray inspection devices and walkthrough metal detectors. In our next blog, we’ll take a close-up look at how you can leverage our offerings to strengthen and increase your cruise ship client roster!



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