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There can't be any casualties. If your strength is damaged because of my drag, "Doctor Quan said," Not only is it not good for the Dragon Taoist, but it's also It may make the world of Wulin fall into darkness forever, and it is very difficult to see the sun again. I also have the wish to give up the great cause of immortality and throw myself into Jianghu "" Bai Ling sighed softly and said, "Senior, we will fulfill your wish and kill you, but there must be no way out." Go under the circumstances, we can take this last resort, the doctor has a substitute in mind, why not speak out, let us big. The family pondered over it and found a feasible and safe way. But I heard the sound of bird feathers flying across the sky, and it sounded like it was on the top of the boat. Zhiji blew out the lights in one breath and said in a low voice, "I've already searched. I think the crisis is imminent. It's not about fighting." Moment, the old man has a way, I do not know whether it is feasible? "Say it!" "If it is feasible, we must act at once," said Bai Ling. "It seems that the Sansheng Society has not yet been able to determine how many of you there are," said Zhiji. "I will take advantage of this blind spot, the monks and the Taoists. Shi and Jiang Hao went together, luring the enemy as the main force, forcing Jinling, and confusing the enemy's eyes and ears. Xiao Hanxing and I sneaked to Huzhou with Doctor Quan. They saw each other again in Taihe, where there was a picture of the medicine left by Doctor Jin and a group of his subordinates. But brother Xiao wants to take off his clothes and dive in the water. All right,65 inch smart board, don't leave the water for five nights. Five days later, get dressed and climb the road, and dive to Huzhou. Life in the water these days is very hard, but it may Wash away the smell of medicine from Xiao Hanxing. "That makes sense," said the Celestial Clothes Master. "There's only one question left." "I un go to the pawnshop. Downwind, we need manpower, if the old leader of Jiang has already left an ambush in the south of the Yangtze River, now is the time to borrow. He was young, especially childish, but these words were mature and prudent, human feelings were reasonable, and no one had thought of them. But for his words. Yes! It's really a word to remind the dre


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