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Residentials Solutions

Avoid expensive residential security guards with ZKTeco USA’s affordable & convenient security solutions. Our solutions help make your home feel safe & secure! 

Safe Community Access

Residents want to feel safe & secure while also having fast & convenient access to their home.  Residents also don’t want to worry about strangers wandering throughout their building.  Property managers can hire security personnel to guard the building and screen visitors.  But hiring guards is expensive and there’s no guarantee uninvited guests can’t sneak past the guards or gain entry with fake ID.  Instead of hiring security guards, ZKTeco recommends saving money and improving security by investing in an automated visitor management and gate entry solution.   

ZKTeco USA Long-range Access Control Reader Picture
ZKTeco USA Kiosk Security System picture

Secure Visitor Authentication

ZKVAMS is a visitor authentication and management system which allows residents to easily create guest invitations from the convenience of the resident’s phone.  The guest’s phone will then receive a personal QR code sent via text message or e-mail by the resident.  Upon arrival, the guest displays their personal QR code to either the security guard or an unmanned ZKTeco kiosk securing entry to the building’s living space.

Convenient Biometric Gate Entry

In residential properties having a security gate, residents are traditionally issued access fobs, cards, or a PIN used to open the entry gate.  But these type “credentials” can easily be lost or forgotten and they are relatively expensive to replace.  It’s also burdensome to roll down your vehicle’s window and extend your arm outwards to the gate operator just so you can wave your access fob/card or punch in your PIN code, especially during a cold rainy day.  Instead, ZKTeco recommends using outdoor-rated SpeedFace readers which work in both total darkness and extremely bright sunlight.  Instead of extending your arm out the window when pulling up to the gate, simply look at the SpeedFace.  The gate will open immediately upon SpeedFace recognizing your face.   

ZKTeco USA Standalone Bio Metric Reader picture
ZKTeco USA Long-range Access Control Reader Picture

Easy Car Tag Gate Entry

Another excellent gate entry option is using ZKTeco long range ultra-high frequency (UHF) readers. Simply adhere our tiny stickers or tags to your vehicle which will trigger the gate to automatically open when you’re within 200 feet away.   

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