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Access Control Case Study: Feel Fit Gym

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The Client: At Feel Fit Health & Fitness Club, it is their mission to create a fun, friendly, and welcoming environment that breaks the stereotypical gym mold. This family owned and operated fitness center in Grand Island, Nebraska looks beyond numbers and appearances to craft a personal experience for all who enter. Egos and doubts are left at the door, allowing for members of all different skill levels to feel comfortable and confident. Feel Fit is more than just fitness.

The Challenge: In order to set themselves apart from other fitness centers, Feel Fit knew they had to start before members even stepped inside. Most other gyms require members use a key card or fob to get in the door. This isn’t ideal, as carrying around a credential while working out isn’t exactly ideal, and it certainly isn’t unique. Instead, Feel Fit wanted to utilize biometrics at the entrance in order to buck the trend and give the gym a modern feel while improving member experience.

The Solution: Feel Fit has been working with systems integrator and security provider Midwest Alarm Services since they gym opened more than 6 years ago. Gary with Midwest Alarm has been involved in the process from the beginning and has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of the Feel Fit family. Feel Fit and Midwest Alarm elected to install ZKTeco’s US-inBio model of access control panels in conjunction with their FR1200-ID biometric fingerprint reader. As a leader in biometric verification technology, ZKTeco was able to provide a solution that was reliable and long lasting. The US-inBio panel and fingerprint reader have been installed at the gym since 2015 and are still in place today.

The Future: While the ZKTeco hardware is still going strong, Feel Fit has continued to grow exponentially over the years. In order to keep up with their growing number of members and advancing technology, Feel Fit has elected to upgrade their existing panel to a new ZKTeco US-inBio-Pro, in 2021. Along with their new panel, they will also upgrade their software to the newest version of ZKTeco’s ZKBioSecurity software. ZKTeco

will update the user database, meaning no need to re-enroll members, and Feel Fit will continue to trust Gary and Midwest Alarm to install the new US-inBio-Pro panel onsite. In order to keep the project cost effective, Feel Fit will keep the current FR1200-ID fingerprint reader in place, the same reader that was first installed 6 years ago. This scalability makes it easy for Feel Fit to re-invest in their facility, one of their core commitments, and they can’t wait to engage with their new security solutions as soon as possible.



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