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Control Solutions

In an era where security is paramount, the importance of secure access control cannot be overstated. ZKTeco USA is at the forefront of providing access control solutions that empower organizations to safeguard their premises with utmost confidence. At ZKTeco, we understand that secure access control is the foundation of a secure environment. Atlas access control panels are designed and engineered with excellence, proudly in the USA. When coupled with our advanced biometric and card-based authentication systems, they ensure only authorized personnel gain entry. With ZK access control, you can protect your assets, data, and people with unrivaled precision. Our holistic approach to access control addresses the unique needs of various industries, from corporate offices and healthcare facilities to educational institutions and government agencies. ZK access control solutions are adaptable, scalable, and customizable to suit specific requirements. With a legacy of innovation and excellence, ZKTeco USA has established itself as a trusted leader in access control solutions. Our products combine robust hardware and intuitive software, enabling you to manage access seamlessly. Whether you need to secure a single door or an entire complex, ZKTeco USA has the right access control solution. Elevate your security with ZKTeco USA's secure access control solutions. Contact us today to discuss how our innovative technology can safeguard your premises and elevate your peace of mind.

Atlas Series

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers
ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers

InBio Pro Series

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers

C3 Pro Series

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers

Elevator Control Panel

Extension I/O Panels

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