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 Support policy for end users for Atlas embedded web application, ZKAccess 3.5 and ZKBiosecurity software support only 

 January 6, 2022 


❖ One time fee - $299.00

❖ Annual support contract- $999.00


Covered service:

a) Answering software related questions and helping configure the parameters

b) Transferring data from one computer to another computer- one time only

c) Reinstallation of the software on a new computer and restoring the existing data from the old computer

d) Training for basic setup of software and hardware

e) Troubleshooting of incorrect setting and functioning of the software

f)  Password reset for software

g) Editing supported parameters and settings in the devices from the software

h) Upgrading Firmware of the Atlas panels only.


Hardware support: 

  • This price does not include hardware support. If any hardware failure is detected during the troubleshooting process, we will recommend a ZKTECO certified dealer in your city and state.


Terms and Conditions: 

1. Technical support fees need to be paid in advance.

2. An invoice will be issued only upon receipt of your payment.

3. Technical support will be provided within 24 hours of the receipt of payment.

4. We will not be responsible for any loss of data during data transfer and changes made after the support         
     call is concluded.

5. Payment is non-refundable

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