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Security Turnstiles

As one of the leading security turnstile manufacturers, ZKTeco USA takes immense pride in presenting our comprehensive range of security turnstile solutions. Our portfolio includes turnstiles designed to meet the most stringent security demands Where security is paramount, ZKTeco USA's turnstiles offer uncompromising protection for your premises. Our security turnstiles are engineered with leading technology, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access to your facility. With our turnstiles, you can control foot traffic efficiently, enhancing security while maintaining a seamless flow of people. Whether you require a full-height, tripod, or swing turnstile for a government facility, educational institution, or public space, we tailor our solutions to meet your security and operational requirements. Optical turnstiles are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind, seamlessly blending into your corporate environment. Optical technology is recommended for office turnstiles. Explore our range of entrance control solutions and experience the ZKTeco difference. Join the ranks of businesses that have entrusted their safety to the industry's foremost security turnstile manufacturers. Elevate your security standards today with ZKTeco USA.

Optical Turnstiles

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Flap Barrier 

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Full Height


Swing Barrier

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