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Wearing Masks in Office

Commercial Properties

A secured workplace provides a safe space for employees to experience peace of mind to stay productive. ZKTeco USA security solutions provide effortless & secure access for all employees & visitors. Your facility should ensure all visitors are Safe2Greet!

Safe Office Access

Tenants want to feel safe & secure while also having fast & convenient access to their office.  Tenants also don’t want to worry about strangers wandering throughout their office building.  Property managers can hire front-desk personnel to screen visitors, but hiring receptionists & guards can be expensive and there is no guarantee uninvited guests can’t sneak past the front desk or gain entry with fake ID.  To assist or even eliminate the need for hiring front-desk personnel, ZKTeco recommends saving money while improving security & visitor satisfaction by investing in an automated visitor management system with optional body temperature & mask compliance verification.  

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Secure Visitor Authentication

 ZKVAMS is a Visitor Authentication and Management System which streamlines the process of screening visitors.  ZKVAMS allows building tenants to easily create guest invitations from the convenience of the tenant’s phone.  The guest’s phone will receive a personal QR code sent via text message or e-mail by the tenant.  Upon arrival, the guest displays their personal QR code to either the front desk personnel or an unmanned ZKTeco kiosk.  Model FK1013+ can eliminate the need for front-desk personnel because it prints out a “validation receipt” which can be used for visitors to gain entry through doors/gates/turnstiles.

High Throughput with reduced Tailgating

In commercial properties having turnstiles, tenants are traditionally issued access cards to open the turnstile.  But access cards can easily be lost or forgotten, expensive to replace and time consuming to “re-process tenant building access”.  It also creates congestion when tenants trying get through the turnstile discover they misplaced their access card or it has become defective.  This angers other tenants besides effecting their productivity.  Instead, ZKTeco recommends using SpeedFace readers which are fast-matching and extremely accurate.  SpeedFace recognizes people’s faces & palms and can also keep a turnstile/gate locked if the person has elevated body temperature or not wearing a protective face mask.  SpeedFace can either replace an existing card access control system or serve as an added layer of safety.  For instance, if an authorized user fails SpeedFace body temp & face mask screening, SpeedFace can override their permission and keep the elevator/gate locked despite the user’s access clearance.

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Security combined for convenience

For additional safety & security, ZKTeco recommends installing combination turnstile + metal detectors and x-ray package scanners.

All Entrances are not Created Equal

In uncertain times, especially amidst a health crises, businesses struggle to remain open. Local government, employees, and customers all need to feel confident that the workplace, shopping outlet or school is safe to operate. Business owners must also still protect their property and staff. 


Safe2Greet was designed to protect a business owner’s staff, customers and property while eliminating the ongoing costs associated with employing security personnel. It’s automated record-keeping also ensures business owners’ accountability regarding who’s entered their facility and if their visitor had acceptable body temperature and was wearing a mask. Safe2Greet is the ideal touch-less automated unmanned visitor screening & access control solution.

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Shopping in Mall

Don't let overcrowding impose health & safety risks

Occupancy Control is an effective tool used to ensure

over-crowding doesn’t impose a health & safety risk to
patrons while visiting shopping outlets, restaurants, sporting events, or any other public venue.


SpeedFace-OC+ continually counts & displays the remaining number of people allowed to enter a room. Once maximum room occupancy is reached, SpeedFace-OC+ automatically locks down the gate/door thus preventing additional people from entering. SpeedFace-OC+ will resume unlocking the door/gate only after the occupancy level has returned to normal.


Occupancy Control is also an excellent auditing tool for businesses who charge customers for admission. Employing guards to manually count people can also be expensive and prone to human error.

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