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Correctional Facilities

With a variety of gate and door type for a place of such high security, guards need fast authentication to get where they need. ZKTeco USA helps authenticate guards, visitors, and inmates at prisons with our comprehensive security solutions.

Strict High-Level Security

Both guards and inmates want to feel safe & secure in their correctional facility.  And guards also need fast unencumbered access to locked doors.  Most correctional facilities still use traditional lock ‘n keys to secure their doors.  And if the facility has upgraded to a card access system, still the cards (or keys) can be forgotten, lost, stolen, and now even copied with a cheap $10 cloning device.   

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Simple to use Upgraded Touchless Door Access

For this reason, ZKTeco recommends installing our Pro Series access control system with touchless Bluetooth and/or biometric readers (inc. face and/or palm recognition).  In addition to providing advanced security features (including integration with existing 3rd party surveillance cameras and video management systems), Pro Series also provides universal lockdown & recovery of designated doors/buildings whenever security personnel discover an immediate threat (i.e. prisoner escape, active shooter, fire, flood, etc) and they need to isolate the threat or evacuate quickly. 

Visitor Concealed Object Check: Quick + Easy

Regarding inmates’ visitors, ZKTeco recommends installing walkthrough metal detectors. ZKTeco manufactures a variety of metal detectors which are both fix-mounted and portable.  Model WMD-318+ scans for both concealed metal objects and elevated body temperature to further the welfare of everyone who works and lives in the facility.  

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Detailed Imaging Baggage + Mail Check

In addition to metal detection, ZKTeco also recommends highly accurate yet affordable x-ray package scanning.  Model Blade100100 has a large 40 x 40-inch tunnel size and is highly effective at detecting dangerous materials including weapons, explosives, drugs, toxins, flammables, etc.  Previously only available at airports, ZKTeco makes metal detectors and x-ray inspection scanners affordable to most any correctional facility needing heightened security inspections. 

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