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Data Centers

Critical information stored at a data center needs to be properly secured. ZKTeco USA security solutions provide a wide variety of options with RFID, PIN, Bluetooth, and Biometric authentication. 

Tenant Security Control

But let’s now focus upon what tenants DO have in their control, namely their data and their server cage(s).  Too often we see tenants writing their computer passwords on pieces of paper they hide under the computer or keyboard.  But passwords and can be easily forgotten or hacked.   Even the use of PIN codes can be misused by unauthorized personnel to gain access to confidential data.  The server cages themselves are often locked with a metal key or RFID reader.  But still, metal keys and RFID cards can be lost, stolen or misused.  A far better way to restrict access to data and server cages is by implementing biometric readers.  A person’s fingerprint, face or palm is impossible to forget or have stolen.  It’s also far more convenient using biometrics to access your computer and server cage.  Simply glance at a camera or press your finger on a sensor.   

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers picture
ZKTeco USA Security systems for data centers picture

Ease of Secure Access to Multiple Locations

Since often customers have multiple server cages requiring access by one person, ZKTeco recommends our EC10 controller since it supports multiple doors.  All you need do is authenticate once (card, fingerprint, face, etc) and up to 10 doors can be programmed to unlock.  If you have more than 10 doors, simply add a ZKTeco EX16 expansion board which then supports up to 26 (10+16) doors.  If you need still more doors supported, 3 EX-16’s can be connected to an EC10 which then supports up to a total 58 doors (10+16+16+16).  Combining EC10 and biometric readers ensures only authorized personnel have access to your logical data and physical server cage(s) while also sparring them the inconvenience of forgetting their RFID card or PIN.

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