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Educational Institutions

Parents and students both want to know they are in safe hands when entering their school grounds. ZKTeco USA provides the most secure way to authenticate visitors & employees with Visitor Management and helps deter unwanted metal objects with other detection products.  

Prioritizing School Safety

School faculty, teachers and students all want to feel safe & secure while also having fast & convenient access to the school building.  Parents especially, don’t want to worry about their children at school being the targets of strangers carrying weapons or sex offenders.  ZKTeco recommends improving school safety & security by installing an automated visitor management system with optional body temperature & mask compliance verification.

ZKTeco USA Security systems for school picture
ZKTeco USA kiosk Security systems for school picture

Authenticating Visitor Identity + Fast Health Check

ZKVAMS-EDU is a Visitor Authentication and Management System designed specifically for schools.  ZKVAMS allows school faculty to easily create guest invitations from the convenience of their phone.  The guest’s phone will receive a personal QR code sent via text message or e-mail by the faculty member.  Upon arrival, the guest displays their personal QR code (and optionally their driver’s license) to the school’s front desk personnel.  This 2-factor authentication ensures school personnel the guest’s identity is valid.  After ID verification, the guest can also be scanned for body temperature and mask compliance if the school installs a ZKTeco SpeedFace or face kiosk. Furthermore, ZKVAMS-EDU is linked to the U.S. Dept of Justice National Sex Offender database and can alert school security prior to them releasing custody of the student. 

Quick Concealed Metal Object Identification

Besides the concern for concealed metal weapons brought into school, underage vaping has also become a huge concern for school aministrators.  ZKTeco recommends installing walkthrough metal detectors.  ZKTeco metal detectors are both fix-mounted and portable.  Model WMD-318+ scans for both concealed metal objects and elevated body temperature.  Model PD-300 has wheels, folds up/down in less than 5 minutes, is lightweight, and portable since it easily fits into the backseat of most passenger vehicles. With its 4-hour battery, PD-300 is ideal for outdoor events or schools who simply wish to quickly & easily remove the metal detectors each morning after students have finished entering the building. 

ZKTeco USA metal detectors for school picture
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Upgraded Touchless Door Access

Still today, most schools use traditional lock ‘n keys to secure their doors. And if the school has upgraded to a card access system, still the cards (or keys) can be forgotten, lost, stolen, and now even copied with a cheap $10 cloning device.  For this reason, ZKTeco recommends installing our Pro Series access control system with touchless Bluetooth and/or biometric readers (inc. face and/or palm recognition).  In addition to providing advanced security features (including integration with existing 3rd party surveillance cameras and video management systems), Pro Series also provides universal lockdown & recovery of designated doors/buildings whenever administrators discover an immediate threat (i.e. fire, flood, gas leak, active shooter, etc) they need to isolate quickly before it spreads and furthers endangers everyone on school grounds. 

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