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Financial Institutions

With many valuable assets that need secured within financial institutions, safety and security are the top two priorities. ZKTeco USA has the most secure security solutions with useful lockdown and fail safe features.

Prioritizing Safety for Employees + Visitors

Employees and clients all want to feel safe & secure while also being able to conduct their financial transactions quickly.  ZKTeco recommends improving safety & security by installing temperature & mask compliance verification kiosk. Upon arrival, a ZKTeco FK1013+ will scan the client for body temperature & mask compliance and optionally a health check questionnaire will need to be answered.  Once verified, the kiosk will print a validated “admission ticket” which allows the client to enter the waiting area or stand in line for the next available employee to service them. 

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Detecting Concealed Metal

Financial institutions can optionally install affordable walkthrough metal detectors and x-ray package scanners from ZKTeco to ensure no dangerous objects enter the building. 

Upgraded Touchless Door Access made easy

Still today, most financial institutions use traditional lock ‘n keys to secure their doors. And if the bank has upgraded to a card access system, still the cards (or keys) can be forgotten, lost, stolen, and now even copied with a cheap $10 cloning device.  For this reason, ZKTeco recommends installing our Pro Series access control system with touchless Bluetooth and/or biometric readers (inc. face and/or palm recognition).  In addition to providing advanced security features (including integration with existing 3rd party surveillance cameras and video management systems), Pro Series also provides universal lockdown & recovery of designated doors/buildings whenever security personnel or bank managers discover an immediate threat (i.e. armed robber, active shooter, fire, flood, etc) and they need to isolate or evacuate the building. 

ZKTeco USA Access Control Readers
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