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Facial Recognition Improves Hospital Safety

Implementing a comprehensive and effective access control system in a hospital setting is a challenging proposition. Between bustling ERs, crowded patient floors, visitors coming and going, and medical and administrative staff working rotating shifts, keeping track of who enters and exits a hospital is an especially daunting task.

In our last blog, we took a close look at the benefits of license plate recognition (LPR) technology and examined how it can be employed to identify and/or restrict vehicles entering a hospital parking area. In this blog we address how face recognition technology not only improves security, but how it can also be a new source of revenue for hospitals.

Improved Security

To better control who is coming and going once inside a hospital, ZKTeco has brought to market a groundbreaking new access control kiosk. Model FK1043 is our new Android-based facial recognition kiosk with a large 43” touch screen display having an embedded artificial intelligence engine which incorporates the latest in visible light facial recognition technology. FK1043 also contains an embedded liveness detection engine which can distinguish between live faces and photos for the ultimate in security.

FK1043 can support a limitless amount of business applications dependent upon face recognition including employee time & attendance, access control, visitor/patient management, event notification, intuit directory/map of the hospital and more.

New Revenue Stream

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, model FK1043 can also display selective advertising, signage and videos based on the face, age or gender which the kiosk recognizes. This can generate direct advertising revenue for the hospital.

FK1043 stands six-foot-tall and can recognize up to five faces simultaneously from up to 20 feet away. It can store up to 5,000 faces and is an ideal solution for hospitals as it quickly and accurately identifies large numbers of employees and/or visitors entering the premises.

This innovative technology solution is perfect for your hospital installations. Its capabilities provide priceless peace of mind safeguarding not only main entrances but also particularly sensitive areas such as maternity wards and baby nurseries, psychiatric floors, drug and pharmaceutical closets, and privacy-protected patient medical records.



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