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Migrant Shelter Conditions Are Increasing In Danger

Updated: Apr 26

The lack of metal detectors allows for the hidden entry of guns, knives and other


Migrants, shelter staff and law enforcement all need to be protected and feel secure.

Problem 1:

Insufficient Safety Measures Shootings, Stabbings, and other forms of bodily harm: Armed assailants can threaten, bully, and rob more vulnerable residents, resulting in property damage, injury, and even death.

Problem 2:

Concealed Substances, Drugs, Alcohol, and other Illegal Substances: Some people consume these substances on the premises, leading to potentially dangerous or uncomfortable situations.

Problem 3:

Unprecedented Influx U.S. Customs and Border Protection data indicates that roughly 2.5 million migrants entered the United Stated from Mexico in 2023 leaving cities unprepared to secure the record influx

Problem 4:

Protection For All Migrant groups are beginning to confront each other in violent ways affecting the safety of residents, staff, and law enforcement personnel.


ZKTeco can supply migrant shelters with high-security inspection systems!

We sell state-of-the-art metal detectors (handheld and walk-through) and X-ray scanner systems that detect dangerous objects, weapons, and even drugs!

Feature 1:

See the Details!

High Resolution Images: Guards get a clear image of the objects inside of baggage and cargo coming through the X-ray system!

Feature 2:

Know the Headcount!

Automatic Counter for Data Reports: Each walkthrough metal detector includes a built-in system to count visitors coming through detectors and tracks alarm frequency for data insights.

Feature 3:

Sound Effects Mark the Spot!

Smart Alarms for Pinpointing Threats: Walk-through metal detectors have LEDs and sound alarms that direct security officers to exactly where the metal is detected!

Feature 3:


Simple Setup and Usage: Easy assembly, built in 8-hour battery backup, and ease of transport and relocation.



ZKTeco USA makes migrant shelters safe and secure

With ZKTeco’s walkthrough metal

detectors and X-ray scanners in

shelters, residents can sleep soundly

at night.

Benefit 1:

A Weapon-free shelter!

Enable on-premise safety with precision: By filtering out the possibility of knives, guns, and more, staff can manage spaces with greater ease and security.

Benefit 2:

Calm and Friendly Environment!

Improved on-premise experience for residents: As safety and morale improve, shelters can focus on assisting migrants

seeking asylum.

Benefit 3:

Safe and Effective Staff!

The reduction of security concerns contributes to improved morale while allowing shelter staff to focus on their job


Benefit 4:

Efficient Local Law Enforcement!

Eliminating weapons contributes to incident reduction and a decreased need for security assistance allowing local law authorities to focus on more pressing matters.

We at ZKTeco design, manufacture, and provide technical support for specialized access control products like turnstiles, walk-through metal detectors, X-Ray inspection scanners, visitor management systems, biometric and RFID access control systems, video surveillance systems, and parking systems.

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