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PassiveBolt, ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5 Group Collaborate to Create a Decentralized Id

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Ann Arbor, MI, March 9th, 2023 - PassiveBolt, ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5 Group have announced their partnership and plans to develop a new biometric access control solution based on decentralized identity technology. This collaboration is aimed at delivering a more secure and efficient way for businesses to manage access to their premises using biometrics, but without needing to store or control biometric data.

The new solution combines the decentralized identity technology of PassiveBolt, the biometric readers of ZKTECO USA, the door locks of PDQ, and the digital identity container technology for encrypted storage of biometric and other data of the identity holder – T5-Cryptograph – of TECH5. This will enable businesses to utilize biometric matching to authenticate the identity of individuals before providing access to physical areas or digital resources.

"Biometric authentication is a growing trend as businesses search for user-friendly methods to secure their facilities and systems and authorize access," said Kabir Maiga, CEO of PassiveBolt. "Through our collaboration with ZKTECO USA, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5, we can provide a highly secure, decentralized solution that eliminates the need for centralized identity management systems along with its associated privacy and security risks."

The new solution will employ decentralized identity technology, providing an extra layer of security and privacy. This technology allows individuals to store and manage their own identity data, making it more difficult for hackers to gain access to sensitive informat

ion from centralized storage. It is compliant by design with all privacy laws, including BIPA and CCPA.

"We are excited to partner with PassiveBolt, PDQ Manufacturing, and TECH5 to create a new biometric access control solution that leverages decentralized identity technology," said M

anish Dalal, President of ZKTECO USA. "This partnership demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our belief in the importance of biometric authentication as a key element of modern security systems."

"A decentralized digital identity verified biometrically will become key for access control, especially when it uses revocable biometrics and verification on edge. We believe that this partnership and our innovative approach will provide the access control market wit

h a unique and highly effective solution that is convenient and secure for both – management of buildings and users," said Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman, and CTO of TECH5 Group.

The partners will show the first demo of the solution during ISC West, March 28th to 31st, at ZKTECO USA’s booth. The ready-to-implement solution will be available later in 2023 and will be marketed to businesses across various sectors, including hospitality, offices, residential, healthcare, and government.

About PassiveBolt

PassiveBolt is pioneering self-sovereign identity in the security industry. The company has developed and launched the first-ever Web3 decentralized identity platform that uses verifiable credentials (or attestations) for controlling access to physical secure spaces.


ZKTECO USA is a global manufacturer of Complete, Personalized and Dependable Physical Security solutions. Our U.S. headquarters is in Alpharetta, GA and is ISO9001-certified facility. We also operate a 5,000 sq. ft user experience center where visiting customers and technology partners can see our products working live in actio


We have been developing & supporting security solutions since 2012. Our product line comprises of Access Control Panels and Readers, Standalone Biometric Readers with Facial, Palm and Fingerprint Recognition, Video Surveillance Solutions, Visitor Management, Elevator Controller, Turnstiles, Walk Through Metal Detectors, and Baggage X-Ray Scanners.

ZKTECO USA also has a nation-wide network of manufacturer’s representatives who provide field sales support for our customers. ZKTECO USA is also an active member of numerous prestigious associations including Security Industry Association, Electronic Security Association and Professional Security Association. ZKTECO USA’s mission is to make security technology available and affordable for the masses.

About PDQ Manufacturing

Based in Lancaster, PA, PDQ is a manufacturer of door hardware for commercial buildings. Our commercial grade cylindrical and mortise locks, exit devices, door closers and electronic access control products provide builders and architects with a long service life. Driven by core values of quality, customer service and affordability, PDQ has been the industry standard for service and value for over 40 years. PDQ is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of product and customer service at an affordable price, built with spirit in the USA. PDQ’s vision is to secure tomorrow by creating a better commercial hardware experience today.

About TECH5®

TECH5 Group is an international technology c

ompany founded by experts from the biometrics industry, which focuses on developing disruptive biometric and digital ID technology offerings through the application of AI and Machine Learning. A combination of sustained investment and single-minded dedication to the development of biometric modalities that capitalize on AI has resulted in TECH5’s algorithms being consistently ranked in the top tier of NIST ranking for face, fingerprint, and iris recognition. TECH5 target markets include both Government and Private sectors with products powering Civil ID, Digital ID, as well as authentication solutions that deliver identity assurance for various use cases.


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