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Terra State Community College (TSCC) installs ZKTeco SpeedFace readers to welcome back students

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

The Client

Terra State Community College is a 142-acre public community college in Fremont, Ohio, founded in 1968. TSCC is an accredited state-supported college with over 2,000 enrolled students earning over 60 degrees and certificates per year. In 2018, Terra State became the second community college in Ohio to offer residential housing on campus. They continue to grow, and in 2019 the college brought back their athletics program and expanded their athletics center.

The Challenge

As schools and institutions around the world prepare their facilities for a successful onsite return, they must make sure they are taking proactive steps to minimize health risks associated with Covid-19. For Terra State Community College, ensuring the safety of their campus community has always been a top priority, and they worked hard to put the proper protocols in place for faculty, students, and staff. They also sought to reduce as many “touch surfaces” as possible, thus lessening the risk of spreading germs and providing their returning visitors greater peace of mind so they can focus on their studies.

The Solution

To minimize the risk of catching Covid-19, TSCC installed about a dozen ozone machines on campus. The machines kill coronavirus in the air by creating O3, which breaks down odors, micro-organisms and other pollutants. And to help reduce the number of “touch surfaces” which lessen the likelihood of spreading germs, TSCC also installed ZKTeco touchless SpeedFace readers which can unlock doors upon successfully recognizing a registered person’s face or palm. Additionally, SpeedFace readers can also alert security administrators or even deny a person door access if the person is detected having elevated body temperature or is not wearing a face mask.

"Our job is to make sure faculty, students, and staff feel safe when they come to campus," stated Terra State President Ron Schumacher. "I feel real good about some of the decisions that our leadership team made in investing in the equipment that we now have in place."

The Result

As Terra State Community College prepares for the busy fall season, they are taking proactive steps to minimize the risk and threat of Covid-19 throughout campus with the use of ozone machines and ZKTeco touchless SpeedFace readers, along with other essential measures.


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