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What is the Foundation of your Security in the New Normal?


What is the Foundation of your Security in the New Normal?

The current times call for business owners to pre-screen all employees & visitors prior to them entering their workplace. Why? Because it safeguards the health & safety of the workplace occupants. But does this mean needing to hire extra manpower to conduct the screening process? Not anymore. Thankfully there now exists automated unmanned electronic health screening & body temperature monitoring solutions on the market.

The future of health-screening and safety now exists in an integrated all-in-one security system designed to restrict door access only to employees & visitors who pass user-customizable compliance guidelines. The challenge is finding a technology provider who can help you determine exactly what proactive safety precautions you can take which can co-exist with your network infrastructure while not costing you an arm and leg.

What should you look for in an all-in-one security system?

Your security system should most importantly establish a first line of defense against anyone or anything entering the building which potentially pose a physical threat to your employees, patrons & property. Arriving employees need to be authorized. Visiting guests’ identification & scheduled appointments need to be validated. And both employees and visiting guests should be pre-screened regarding their current health. In other words, occupants inside the building should feel that everyone entering the building are safe to greet.

Layering Security Matters.

The best security plans have all their bases covered. The four main components of layered security include 1) deterrence, 2) levels of access, 3) detection, and 4) touchless identification.

1. Deterrence

An electronic access control system in clear visible site of everyone (i.e. printed warning signs) can help monitor where employees and visitors are spending their time, helping to deter any theft or malicious behavior. An audit trail of access granted is essential when attempting to track down any missing resources from a facility.

2. Levels of Access

Granting various levels of access based on job function, time of day, and more can prevent employees and visitors from reaching a restricted area.

3. Detection

Traditional keys don’t allow for notice of who has been given access to potentially high-value assets on your facility grounds. Electronic access control notifies administrators when an unauthorized individual attempts to access a restricted area.

·4. Touchless Identification

The best access control systems have unique identifiers based on individuals to eliminate the risk of sharing codes or access cards. Consider modes of identification that are touchless such as mobile phone Bluetooth credentials, daily generated QR codes, or face/palm detection.

What physical security components can you integrate for a more seamless experience?

✓ Access Control System

✓ Visitor Management

✓ Health Check (Body Temperature & Mask Detection, Health Screening Questionnaire)

✓ Turnstiles / Gates

You can protect your business from liability in a “welcoming way”.

Visitor experience means everything to a business owner. A positive visitor experience ensures repeat business. Think back to the last visitor invitation you sent out. Did you include more than the office address? Was your guest informed how or with whom to check-in once they arrived to your office? Was your guest informed how to contact you once they arrived?

These are all processes that can be automated with a feature-rich Visitor Management system which can make your guest feel truly welcome and cared about. And if you implement an automated health-screening process, your visitors can be confident that everyone they come in contact with inside the building also passed the screening, thereby ensuring all visitors and building occupants are safe to greet. Hey, no one enjoys going through airport security and enduring the metal detectors and X-Ray inspection. But this small inconvenience allows to enjoy our flight because we know there are no dangerous objects on the plane. Implementing a health-check screening process allows employees to be more productive and patrons to enjoy their shopping experience because they’re no distracted with health concerns.

Focus on what matters instead of waiting on visitors to arrive.

Have you found yourself waiting on your guest to arrive to your facility, wondering if they’ll be on time, what they’ll look like, etc.? It’s time to rid yourself of that added stress and let a Visitor Management System do all the guest registration, notification and check-in process for you. Automated Visitor Management identifies your visitor upon arrival and will alert you upon their completed check-in so that you can focus your attention on what really matters, being productive.

An automated integrated physical security and visitor management system with built-in health check screening promotes repeat business because visiting customers will feel safe & secure. The system also reduces stress on employees because everyone feels all visitors & occupants are safe 2 greet.

Help promote health & safety, ensure peace of mind for returning employees and patrons, and save money by eliminating the need to pay someone up to $15/hour to manually screen visitors. The foundation of your security in the “new normal” is far more affordable and easy to implement thank you think.



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