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ZK Co., Ltd and its global subsidiaries (herein referred to as “ZK”) deeply respect and understand the importance of our customers’ need for maintaining data privacy.  ZK’s privacy policy aims to provide you peace of mind by explaining how ZK manages your data, including it’s possible collection, use, publication, sharing, and transfer.


Prior to you accessing any ZK websites, software and any other services offered by ZK, please familiarize yourself with ZK’s current privacy policy.  


As technology and legislation regarding data privacy changes, ZK will make amendments to its privacy policy, accordingly.  Therefore, it’s advisable for ZK customers to check the privacy policy for any updates.  Note that ZK has the right to add, delete, change, or terminate this privacy policy at any time.


1. Collected Information


Collected Information refers to both “personal” and “non-personal” data related to the specific person.  Personal data might include, but is not limited to, the person’s name, birth date, mail address, telephone number, mailbox address, payment information, video clips, etc.  Non-personal data might include, but is not limited to, the person’s occupation, language, social security number, etc.


The above-mentioned details of personal information and non-personal information are for standard differentiation. ZK does not separately store your collected data in these two information-categories.



2. Collection Method


a. Collected during ZK product/service registration


When you register a ZK product/service, you voluntarily provide your personal information and specific product-information including the product’s model name, serial number, and related purchase details.



b. Collected when establishing a business relationship with ZK


Prior to engaging in business, ZK may need you to provide both personal and non-personal information (described above), and confirm that your information is authentic and valid.


 c. Collected when requesting product support from ZK


When contacting ZK for product support (via e-mail, phone, chat, etc.), ZK needs to collect your information in order to properly user your account information to confirm both your identity and ZK product. Be prepared to provide specific product-information including the product’s model name, serial number, and related purchase details, prior to requesting customer service.


d. Collected from Third Parties


If legally permitted, ZK may obtain related data from public records (i.e. online resources, Dun & Bradstreet, research subscriptions, etc.) in order to provide better services to you.


e. Collected when connecting with ZK services


When you use voice recording or streaming media functions of the products, we may record the associated audio, video, screenshots, etc.  for analysis and trouble-shooting purposes.


 3. Usage


a. Necessary for activating or delivering ZK products.


b. Necessary for online communication (i.e., e-mail, SMS, etc.) of important product information (i.e. technical notifications, updates, alarms, news, service announcements, etc.).


c. Necessary for obtaining customer feedback in order to improve our services and products.


d. Necessary for analyzing ZK operational efficiency and market penetration.


e. Necessary for investigating customer-reported errors (i.e., product support, shipping, etc.).


f. Necessary to help improve our product performance.


g. Necessary for complying with related government laws and industry standards.



4. Sharing


a. Based on our desire to better serve our customers, ZK may share our customers’ non-confidential information with other ZK branches.


b. Based on our desire to better serve our customers, ZK may share our customers’ non-confidential information with 3rd party service providers.


c. ZK may share your personal data with related law enforcement authorities or government authorities upon their request.


d. ZK may share your personal data if ZK’s partial or entire company assets are sold or transferred.


5. Customers wishing to access their data stored by ZK


If/when government approval is obtained, You may (Ⅰ) receive lawful access to your specific personal data recorded by ZK; (Ⅱ) request ZK to update your personal data; (Ⅲ) deny ZK from using your personal data; and (Ⅳ) request ZK delete your personal data. Note that deleted data remains in the ZK archive until permanently purged.


ZK will retain your personal information in order to fulfill our legal obligations. 


6. ZK only accountable for data within our control


ZK highly greatly cares about the safety of your personal data retained by ZK.  But if your personal data is disclosed by ZK due to force majeure or other reasons outside of ZK’s control, you agree not holding ZK responsible, accordingly.



7. Data Protection for minors


ZK shall not provide any ZK service to minors. Should there be any account registered by a minor or is related to any minor, ZK shall delete all related account information.



8. Globalized Information Management


ZK is a multi-national company.  Your collected personal data by ZK will be recorded in the nations or region that your devices are located.  Local government regulations regarding data privacy will apply.


 9. Contact Us


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions pertaining to ZKTeco operations in the U.S., Canada or Caribbean Islands, please write an e-mail to

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