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Advanced Security

AHEB I/O expansion boards can communicate with AHSC1000 or AHDU series controllers through OSDP V2.2 over RS-485.

Innovative System Management Hierarchy

The AHEB series IO expansion board can be monitored and updated through encrypted RS-485 communication by the AHSC-1000 and AHDU controller series onboard webserver.


The AHEB series supports up to 384 inputs and 385 outputs when used with a single AHDU controller.

Supervised Inputs

The AHEB IO expansion board series is equipped with 4 state-supervised inputs, designed to mitigate short-circuit attacks effectively. 

3rd Party Integration

The AHEB series supports various relay inputs and outputs, making it suitable for a wide range of security devices.

Universal Voltage

Supports 9 to 24Vdc inputs making it the ideal choice for universal deployment, eliminating the need for additional power adaptors.

Programmable Input States with Time Zone Management

The AHEB series offers supervised and programmable input states, including In-Active, Active, Short, and Open. U


Compatible with Altronix Trove 2Z2 & LifeSafety.



AHEB Series IO Expansion Board

  • • Scalable

    • Supervised Inputs

    • 3rd Party Integration

    • I/O Relay Available, 2/ 8.

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