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BLADE6040 is a X-ray baggage inspection which has a tunnel size of 610 mm by 420 mm and can provide the effective inspection of mail, hand-held baggage, luggage and other items. It allows identification of weapons,liquids, explosives, drugs, knives, fire guns, bombs, toxic substances, flammable substances, ammunition, and dangerous objects, which are safety hazard by identification of substances with effective atomic number. High image quality in combination with automatic identification of suspicious objects allows the operator to quickly and effectively evaluate any luggage content.




  • • Real-time Detection to Aid Operators in Identifying Suspicious

    • High Performance – Typical Penetration up to 40 mm of Steel

    • Startup with Fingerprint

    • Four Layers of Lead Curtain

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply

    • Equipped with Input & Output Rollers

    • Adjustable Conveyor Speed

    • Real-Time Remote Monitoring System

    • Luggage Image and Walk Through Metal Detector Status Display on 

    the Same Screen

    • Threat Image Projection (TIP)

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