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FBL6000 Pro is a flap barrier with a modular design that realizes fast switching between different readers. And reader installation can be completed by merely pull-out and plug-in. After installing the corresponding readers, FBL6000 Pro can support multiple verification methods, including RFID, fingerprint, QR code, palm verification, and visible light facial recognition. Especially, palm verification and visible light facial recognition can realize touchless entrance control that helps avoid catching bacteria or germs from contaminated surfaces.



FBL6000 Pro / FBL6200 Pro

  • Working Temperature:

    28°C ~ 60°C


    Indoor/Outdoor (when sheltered)


    Dimension (H x W x D): 55.1 X 11.8 X 39.3 inch


    Weight: 341 lbs


    Material: Acrylic (optional: tempered glass )

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