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The Ferrous Metal Detector and Smart Phone detector (FMD Pro. 2.0) is a state-of-the-art security
screening solution designed to detect metallic objects carried or concealed on individuals as they pass by.FMD Pro 2.0 has a lightweight design with wheels, making it portable. The FMD Pro 2.0 is equipped with advanced detection technology, along with IP5X rating (water resistance), 28 hour operating battery power, and a user-friendly interface, making it ideal for indoor event venues, outdoor events venues, schools, school sporting events, warehouse environment, high-security environments, government, and  commercial buildings.

FMD Pro 2.0

  • • Detects smartphones (switch ON/OFF mode), smartwatches, and ferrous contraband
    • Strong anti-Interference abilities
    • Microprocessor technology supports a high throughput rate with 35
    35 people per minute
    • Accurate Three-zones detection, maximum detection distance up to 47"(120cm)
    • 100 adjustable sensitivity levels for each detection zone
    • Highly secure as no radiation emitted, safe for pregnant women and people with implanted pacemakers
    • Embedded rechargeable battery supports up to 28 operating hours
    • Waterproof with protection level IPX5
    • Easily portable and quick to assemble
    • Standard with wheels and fixed legs
    • Relay connected cable provides NO/NC relay contact

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