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BioPack middleware is designed to integrate Lenel OnGuard with biometric readers.

Lenel has more than 50,000 systems installed worldwide. 


BioPack integrates biometric readers which can store & match users' face, palms & fingerprints,  in addition to detecting elevated body temperature and if a mask is being worn.


BioPack is typically installed on the Lenel OnGuard server. User data syncs from OnGuard to BioPack, which is then uploaded to the biometric readers on the network. When the readers identify a user, the badge number is sent to the Lenel panel via Wiegand output.  OnGuard then unlocks the door depending on the user's access rights.


The user's temperature and mask detection is communicated to BioPack via TCP/IP. BioPack uploads the users' temperature & mask record to OnGuard via TCP/IP for reporting and notification purposes. 


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SKU: BioPack
  • Simple:

    BioPack continuously runs in the background on the OnGuard server



    BioPack supports a variety of biometric readers


    Saves Time:

    Installation and setupis fast & simple. Often users do not need to be re-enrolled

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