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Security Relay Box (SRB) is a tiny (2 inch), simple and cost-effective single door controller designed to provide an added layer of security when connected to ZKAccess standalone readers. SRB (not the reader) controls the door lock, thus preventing unauthorized parties from bypassing the door lock when tampering with the reader.

Security Relay Box

  • Display:2 LED indicator

    Built-in Relay: 1

    Reader Support: ZKAccess devices having Wiegand

    Out ports

    Communication: Wiegand

    InOutput Contact:

    Electric lock, Exit button

    Lock Control Delay: Customizable (default 5 seconds)

    Power In: 12V DC, 60mA

    Operating Temperature:32 - 158 °F (0 - 70 °C)

    Operating Humidity: 10%-90%


    2 x 1.6 x .44 inches

    (50 x 40 x 17 mm)

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