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Vanguard - VG10CKQ -  All Weather Outdoor Multi-tech Smart Reader


  • Designed for Advanced Security
  • Supports over 100 RFID Credential Types
  • Touch Keypad / QR Codes Scanner


The VG10 is a compact and versatile multi-tech RFID solution. With support for 100+ RFID card types,

mobile NFC, and Bluetooth (Low Energy), it adapts seamlessly to diverse installation environments.

Additionally, its embedded touch keypad offers users the flexibility to opt for password authentication, catering to individual preferences


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    • Compact RFID Reader with Touch Keypad
    • Multi-tech RFID & Mobile Credential
    • Designed for Advanced Security
    • IP66 Water & Dustproof Protection Level
    • IK07 Physical & Environmental Protection
    • Anti-SPA/ DPA/ EMA/ DEMA Attack
    • Safety Standard of UL746C (F1) and Housing Material Meets UL94-V0 Standard
    • Unlocking Enhanced Flexibility and Interactive Experiences with LED Programmability* (Coming Soon)
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