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ZKVAMS is a Visitor Authentication and Management System that logs visitor records and information. ZKVAMS is the easiest way to make a quick & seamless check-in and check-out process while authenticating visitors via driver's license, unique QR code, and a check against the national sex offender database. 


Optional add-ons include:


  • Health screening questionnaire
  • Customizable badge printing
  • Device integration with SpeedFace+ series readers & FK1013+ 13" kiosk for temperature + mask compliance screenings
  • Access Control Integration with ZKBioSecurity



  • Saves Money:

    Eliminates the need for employing a receptionist to process & allow visitors entry


    Fast & Error-free:

    Automated system processes visitors much faster than manually checking ID and making log entries


    Promotes Safety:
    Automated Body-Temperature & Mask Detection combined with health screening questionnaire to ensure visitors are safe to access the meeting location (when used in combination with a SpeedFace+ reader)


    Ensures only visitors having valid identification & appointment are permitted entry to the meeting location

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