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Can Schools be safe without Visitor Management?

Absolutely Not.

Regarding how much money a school spends on security cameras and door locks, their investment in time & money is wasted (and students remain unprotected) if an effective visitor management system isn’t also included in their security planning.

Case in point: Out of curiosity, I recently visited a facility and entered my name in the visitor registry as “Osama Bin Laden”. The facility subsequently allowed me entry because the facility allowed ME to choose how I proved my identity. However, the only reliable way to ensure students (and faculty) receive visits from authorized personnel is by the SCHOOL (not the visitor) determining the identity of the visitor.

ZKTeco’s new ZKVAMS-EDU edition is a visitor management AND “authentication” system designed specifically for the education market. ZKVAMS-EDU® ensures school visitors are who they actually claim to be. Parents and faculty can now even be alerted whenever “unwanted” visitors are detected attempting to enter the school.

Considering the divorce rate in the USA is about 50%, it’s common that only one parent is the actual legal guardian of a student. Yet if that illegal (yet loved & trusted) guardian shows up at school to pick up their child, their child won’t likely hesitate to go home with them. Consider the legal liability the school will face by allowing a student to leave with an illegal guardian.

ZKVAMS-EDU® is an essential part of any layered security implementation. Layered school security starts from the parking lot all the way to the classroom. While all school security layers are important, an often overlooked yet vital layer includes an effective visitor management system (VMS). While the video surveillance footage it provides can deliver valuable information after an event has occurred, a reliable visitor management system can do much more – it can manage who accesses a school before an incident occurs.

"Visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or site. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a Visitor management system can record the usage of the facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of visitor’s whereabouts."
– Wikipedia defines Visitor Management 

Having a Visitor Management System in place at a premise enables and/or denies entry to that premise and is critical in flagging any vulnerabilities in an existing security system. Nothing could be more important from a school security standpoint.

For systems integrators charged with protecting our schools’ children & faculty, the features and benefits of ZKVAMS-EDU® is ideal because it ensures that all who enter a premise are authorized to do so. At a time when, sadly, school shootings are becoming commonplace, controlling entry to schools has never been more crucial.


By specifying ZKVAMS-EDU® , integrators provide schools with…

  • Secure and easy to manage web-based platform

  • 2-factor authentication solution that prevents unauthorized visitors from entering

  • Stores and compiles visitor data

  • Easy to use access via mobile app, tablet, or kiosk

  • Real-time dashboard and monitoring module

  • Biometric visitor recognition for first time visitor for enrollment

School officials only need approve the visitor who then receives an in-application notification, e-mail or SMS confirmation including a QR code containing the relevant visit details to grant access to the school. When the approved visitor arrives at the school, they simply display their QR code on their phone and are allowed access. ZKVAMS-EDU® will also track the visitor to confirm when they’ve left the school.

ZKVAMS-EDU® is an ideal addition to any school’s security protocol and provides the needed visitor management security that every school sorely needs. ZKVAMS-EDU® features include

  • Web-Based administration and Monitoring Software

  • Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow

  • Multiple Language Options

  • Fast and Consistent Communication

  • Customizable Visitor Entry Forms

  • Facial Recognition Technology

  • Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

  • Sync with Access

  • Control Systems

  • Alarms and Events Email Notifications

  • System Log Monitoring System

  • Standard, Advanced, and High Secure Options.



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