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Complete Physical Security Solution for the Cannabis Industry

As reported by Security Magazine, by the end of 2025, the global legal cannabis market is projected to reach $66.3 billion. This rapid growth brings the need for complete physical security solutions that are compliant, dependable, and personalized for the industry's unique needs.

Several state governments (such as California, Massachusetts, Missouri, etc.) are mandating cannabis operators install electronic security, often biometric, and require surveillance cameras nearly everywhere while storing the recordings for a minimum of 30 days or more.

Constructing a security plan is a critical component of any cannabis operation. In most states, it is a requirement of the license application. However, viewing it as a necessary evil or burden on your business is a missed opportunity. Your security plan and your choice of security technology can add significant operational value by extension.

When you view the creation of your security plan with your operational objective in mind, it is a game-changer. You may ask the below questions:

● How do employees and customers enter the facility?

● Do you have accountability of who is in the building at any given time?

● If you have a cultivation operation and a retail operation, are they controlled


● If they are geographically dispersed, are they connected to a single system?

● How is your storage area maintained, and how does product flow through the facility?

These may strike you as non-security-related questions, but understanding the experience you would like to create and the logistics of your operations provides the foundation for how it should be protected. It also ensures that you do not create a security plan that runs counter to the environment you are striving to develop.

In addition to meeting the compliance requirements for your company and aligning with your operational objectives, creating a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers is critical. Just slapping up any old camera systems or intrusion alarm will not do - it is crucial to deploy equipment that is not just window dressing but will provide the level of

security required for your unique operating environment.

Understanding the business value of an effective security system can provide, above and beyond the protection of your business, shifts to the perspective from a drain on the bottom line to an investment in operational excellence. The ability to achieve additional perspective into your operation, a heightened level of intelligence regarding the internal activities, and increased levels of security for all stakeholders deliver a positive outcome for any cannabis


ZKteco's BioSecurity solutions provide the necessary level of security and the operational value needed to keep your cannabis business safe and growing. ZKBioSecurity delivers a standardized and personalized interface across all security systems while allowing for expansion capabilities into other systems as your business expands. To learn more about our solutions, contact us and attend one of our webinars.


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