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Atlas Access Control Panels for Pure Pharma

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The Client: Pure Pharma a pharmaceutical company based out of Benton, Arkansas, which is dedicated to produce the highest quality products ranging from THC to CBD oils. Their products are designed with their customer’s lifestyle in mind, whether they’re looking for a way to relax or relieve chronic pain.

The Challenge: Being in one of the most competitive industries, they face the security perils of any other pharmaceutical such as counterfeit drugs, security of employees and customers on-site, and many other security hazards that can tarnish their brand reputation. They wished to implement an electronic access control system that allowed only authorized personnel to have limited access to specific floors and rooms thereby saving the effort and hassles of manual safety checks.

The Solution: To make it easy for building managers to secure the facility, Pure Pharma commissioned Natural State Systems (NSS). NSS specializes in commercial and residential networking, cameras, access control, audio, automation, and entertainment. They chose to install the ZKTeco USA Atlas Biometric Access Control System. The Atlas System boasts an easy-to-use interface that enables the building managers to control and grant access to only those users who are authorized to have clearance to sensitive locations in the building. By using fingerprint readers managers have a guarantee that credentials are not being shared amongst staff. Because Atlas requires no additional software or wiring, the deployment was fast & simple. Atlas has an embedded web application within every panel, this allows for administrators to use any workstation to make changes to the system, monitor activities and check reports. This not only solved Pure Pharma’s employee challenges, but also left a long-lasting impression on their customers.

The Future: Pure Pharma is satisfied with the support offered by Natural State Systems and ZKTeco USA and are seeking to explore more of ZKTeco USA solutions to solve their other security challenges.



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