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ZKTeco Turnstiles -Befitting solution for Georgia Lottery Office


For more than 15 years, Piedmont Door Controls has been the number one choice for commercial doors and entrance solutions, including turnstiles, automatic doors, manual doors, sliding doors, swing doors and revolving doors. Originally established in Charlotte, NC in 2001, the company has grown to 7 locations operating mostly in the Southeast. In addition to their Charlotte headquarters, they have offices in South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. With a strong belief that each application deserves a unique solution, Piedmont offers custom design, installation, maintenance and repair for their door solutions and serves a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

The Client & the Challenge

The Georgia Lottery office, a state-run lottery office located in Atlanta GA, is part of a

multi-tenant building with multiple floors. Due to the building being home to multiple companies and other commercial spaces, all employees and visitors of the building have access to all the floors via the elevators and stairwells. The Georgia Lottery office wanted to implement a solution that provided traffic control for pedestrians, but also included credential access to Georgia Lottery associates.

The Solution: Turnstiles

After assessing the needs of the Georgia Lottery office and the building space where a solution could be implemented, Piedmont recommended installing a turnstile solution because they help control the flow of people in and out of designated areas. Turnstile access control systems increase security and in a commercial area, the turnstiles act as a deterrent to tailgating, but also provide ease of access to employees. Due to the needs of the office, Piedmont was able to incorporate secure access through cards and fobs for associates, providing convenient and secure access control for both visitors and employees alike. By incorporating credentials for employees, there is no need for people to be manually checked for credentials by an attendant, improving entrance efficiency and ensuring there are no traffic backups at access points.



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