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Marijuana Dispensary MJ’s Market Complies with MA State Govt Security Mandates by Installing ZKTeco

Pro Series Access Control and IMSYS Presence Awareness Platform.


MJ’s Market is an industry-leading marijuana dispensary located in Grafton, MA. They pride themselves on offering a personal approach to Cannabis Consumption. MJ’s Market has professionally trained “Cannasseurs” to make informed decisions on the best use and methods. They provide clients the best quality recreational marijuana, edibles, concentrates, and more. In addition to MJ’s Market notoriety for supplying only high-quality products, they’re also known for their professionalism, environmentally conscientious practices, and ongoing commitment to the communities they serve.

The Challenge

Cannabis is understandably a highly regulated industry. Due to the nature of the business, unsurprisingly, it’s prone to theft and security breaches. Although MJ’s Market took care in installing video surveillance, fire & burglar alarms, they were still faced with the challenge of providing granular access levels to certain high-security areas within their facilities. They also needed a way of monitoring & reporting upon all personnel accessing these restricted areas.

The Solution

MJ’s Market chose to further enhance their security & control by installing a door access system manufactured by ZKTeco. The system includes C3-Pro panels connected to proximity card readers. The readers include a keypad so MJ’s Market can utilize 2-factor authentication when entering high-security areas.

The ZKTeco C3-Pro panels provided MJ’s Market the additional door security they needed while fully complying with the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission). The ZKTeco system has been running reliably at MJ’s Market for over 9 months. Both the employees & customers entering MJ’s Market have total peace of mind knowing only authorized personnel are present in the facility.

ZKTeco, combined with “IPAS Secure” (designed by Boston-based systems integrator IMSYS), provides MJ’s Market a complete security solution which includes integrated access control, cameras, real-time tracking, and 2-way audio. IPAS Secure (Presence Awareness System) delivers integrated IP Video and real time RFID tracking solutions to provide “presence awareness”, the ability to know who and what is present in specific areas of interest. IPAS Secure is designed to provide real-time visibility of people and assets and to enable automated data collection of asset information, including location.

The Future

Now having addressed all their security challenges, MJ’s Market can now resume focusing on what they do best – providing the highest quality medical and recreational marijuana to its clients who rely on MJ’s Market for their well-being and safety while shopping.

IMSYS Security company president Heath Gaffney noted: “We chose the ZKTeco Pro Series access control systems because it provides superior security, while also being fast & easy to setup. Additionally, for my client MJ’s Market, ZKTeco provides peace of mind knowing they have real-time awareness of everyone passing through their facilities.



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